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10 Best Ways to get Pregnant Faster!


10 Best Ways to get Pregnant Faster!

Getting pregnant right away is a mirage? Often, it can be so. With these ten tips, You might be able to get pregnant faster!

Trying to get pregnant can be fun (you always have an excuse for being intimate with your partner!), but it can also be exhausting: many women believe that once the decision to start a family will be pregnant soon and, at times, this can be a rather lengthy process.

If you usually prefer the pill or other contraceptives that alter your natural hormonal balance, your body may need a little getting used to the hormonal changes taking place. Continue to wait and hope it can be unnerving. For this, we want to share with you 10 tips to help you get pregnant faster: a change of diet or a particular sexual position can increase the chances of getting pregnant?

How to get pregnant fast? And what if it does not happen?

Remain pregnant quickly for some it is very easy, for other, due to various factors, can become a problem. Civil surgeon of Nan Dr. Zerbetto, explains what to do to get pregnant quickly, taking into account the productive days, and if not how to behave. Important are for example the hormonal dosages, depending on the age of the natural woman. In some cases, by childbearing age, they are useful tests that measure the degree of fertility of an aspiring mom. Then there are important tests to which also subject the man, as semen analysis.

1. Follow a healthy, and balanced diet

If you want to increase your possibility of getting pregnant quickly, it is essential that you lead a lifestyle healthy: you have to be in top form, and such a result can only be achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise. You must ensure that you eat fresh fruits and vegetables of many different colors (this is a little trick to make sure you include in your diet all the vitamins and minerals you need). So you can eat at will: blueberries, raspberries, red peppers, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and so on.

It also tries to eat foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, and folic acids, such as broccoli and spinach. Take two or three daily servings of dairy products but be careful to balance them with lean meats and fish. The fundamental principle of a well-balanced diet is to try to benefit from all the different food groups.

2. Take supplements and vitamins

To prepare for conception, your body needs certain nutrients. Here is a list of all the vitamins you should take regularly (and you should continue taking when you’re pregnant):

  • Vitamin E
  • zinc
  • copper
  • pantothenic acid
  • Potassium
  • vitamin A
  • C vitamin
  • vitamin D
  • thiamine B6
  • riboflavin
  • niacin

3. Reach your ideal weight

Being overweight or underweight can significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. So if you’re looking to have a baby, you should strive to reach your ideal weight, a body mass index (BMI) ideal is 20 to 25. Also, being overweight during pregnancy can cause complications because the expectant mother you might suffer from hypertension and diabetes. Pay a visit to your doctor to figure out if it’s your weight that is making the difficult conception. You may need to lose or put on a few pounds.

In any case, always remember that losing weight takes time and common sense: as soon as you want to have your baby, starvation is not the solution to your problems. Before undertaking any diet, consult your doctor.

4. Quit or Limit Your Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are bad habits which you will have to give up increasing your chance of getting pregnant. Drink a glass of wine now and then is fine. Studies show that having a maximum of two glasses of wine a week does not affect the fertility of a woman. However, if you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to get pregnant, it would be better to give up alcohol completely. The same applies to your partner because alcohol can also impair sperm quality. Smoking should be completely banned for both you and him: the tobacco is directly linked to low fertility in both women and men.

5. Skip the Coffee

Scientific studies have shown that women with infertility problems who drink more than four coffee a day reduce by 26% their chances of conceiving a bambino. Tuttavia, these studies exclusively to women with infertility problems. If this is not your case, you have no reason to feel guilty about drinking a cup of coffee at breakfast. In any case, it is always best not to overdo the caffeine.

6. Check Your Cycle and Ovulation

Doctors claim that it is more likely that a woman will become pregnant if you have sex a day or two after the ovulation, which occurs about two weeks after the first day of your cycle. While the sperm has up to 7 days of life, the eggs have a much shorter life from the moment they are released fertile for 12-24 hours. The ideal would, therefore, do much sex in this time of the month.

7. Consult your doctor

It is now an extended period you are trying to have a baby. It is perhaps appropriate to make a medical examination to ensure that neither you nor your partners have infertility problems. Even if you have just started to try, it’s never a bad idea to see your doctor to do a general check and ask for clarification and advice. When trying to get pregnant, at times, go to the doctor may seem like going to the dentist when you drink too much coffee or not doing well floss. Fear not: for it is his job to answer all of your tomorrows, and give you tips to get pregnant faster.

8. Encourage your partner to keep fit

Your partner’s health is just as important as your own if his sperm is of good quality; your chances of getting pregnant are very high. Your partner, just like you, should, therefore, try to follow a balanced diet, exercise and practice can achieve his ideal weight. Also, try to boost your intake of foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Stress can damage the sperm production. So, if your partner is anxious or under stress, you should arrange a visit to the doctor to address this problem or find an outlet.

9. Do not stress

Keep trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant can become stressful. If you and your partner indicate to feel under pressure, things can only get worse. Feel calm and at peace with yourself is as important as eating healthy and do not smoke. A study conducted by the University of Oxford has confirmed that women victims of stress are 12% less fertile during the ‘ovulation. The results of this study have also shown that certain relaxation techniques, with yoga and meditation, can help. So why not try to attend some yoga class, or start meditating a few minutes every day? Even just taking a hot bath or play with friends can help combat stress. He continues to have sex regularly with your partner: you may discover that she is pregnant as soon as you find a chance to get rid of stress!

10. Favor some sexual positions

To get pregnant, some sexual positions are better than others. Seeks to promote sexual positions with deep penetration and uses the force of gravity to help the sperm reach the fallopian tube. We recommend the missionary position, the shimmering triangle, the Rock and Roll, the Super-G, the magic mountain, the wheelbarrow II, the French, the interlocking, the odalisque, Flipper, and butterfly.




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