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10 Embarrassing Health Issues and How to Treat Them


10 Embarrassing Health Issues and How to Treat Them!

Taking care of your health is a given. However, there is a borderline between regular health issues and the ones that are sort of embarrassing. It is natural to be embarrassed but you should not let embarrassment hinder you from seeking medical assistance. People can be sensitive when it comes to health issues that might blemish their egos. So to help you come to terms with that, here are some of the embarrassing health issues and ways to treat them.


1. Bad Breath

You look good and your body and face look great. But when you laugh and talk to someone in a close proximity, there it goes. Yes, bad breath can be embarrassing. It can bruise your confidence and if you don’t know it. It can cause people to have a wrong impression of you.

Bad breath can be caused by bad bacteria on your gums, teeth, and tongue. It may also be caused by food caught in between your teeth as well as by smoking. If you lick your hands and smell something foul, chances are you may be sporting that foul breath for quite some time.

Regular flossing, using mouthwash and brushing your teeth at least twice or three times a day can also ensure that your mouth is properly cleaned. Regularly visiting your doctor can also help you maintain your dental hygiene.

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2. Smelly Feet

Have you even been invited to a sleepover or camping or an activity with your friends but you declined because it would require you to remove your shoes? You are not alone in that one. Nature has designed our feet to have more sweat glands per inch than other parts of the body to help it cope with its constant movement, which means that it sweats quite a lot. This translates to smelly feet. You can remedy this by keeping your body temperature cool and by putting on talcum powder after you shower. Regularly washing your feet can also help you minimize that smell. Make sure that you wear newly washed socks because wearing dirty socks especially after your feet sweats almost guarantees that it will smell bad.


3. Ugly Teeth

The most beautiful accessory anyone can wear is his or her smile. How do you do that when your teeth are just ugly? By ugly, we meant black decaying tooth gaping at the one looking at you. If you have a job interview, chances are smiling won’t be your best asset. Tooth decay can be remedied by one thing—the dentist. Any dentist can help you with that but a cosmetic dentist is your best option since they are trained to correct colorations and aesthetically improve your teeth. So if the appearance of your teeth is something that you have been embarrassed with, stop that embarrassment and assertively go to your dentist. A good smile will lead to several open doors and will save you the hassle of embarrassment.

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4. Constipation

You are having a good time with your friends. You laugh, eat some food, have a good time, and then you feel it. So you excuse yourself fearing that your friends may discover. There is a reason why you suffer constipation. Bowel movement varies from person to person. It is often caused by low-fiber diet and dehydration. You can remedy that by taking laxatives in the form of tea. You can also eat fruits that are high in fiber and drinks lots of water.

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5. Acne

Acne is quite common but this doesn’t make it less embarrassing. In fact, a huge part of the skin care industry is targeted at helping people reduce acne. It may be caused by hormonal fluctuation as you grow older. If you just have one zit, it may be caused by stress or poor hygiene. You can remedy that by mixing apple cider vinegar with some water and dabbing it using cotton. There are also other remedies that the dermatologist can give you which may range from affordable to expensive. You can ask the doctor which one is good for you. You can also try applying baking soda on it while you wash your face. Do it at least two times a week for a clearer skin.

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6. Lack of Libido

While everyone else seems to be pretty active in that area, you just don’t seem to have any energy or drive for sex and everything else. That is quite weird and embarrassing. But then, you aren’t as hopeless as you believe. There are natural remedies for that. Low sex drive is often caused by low testosterone. Boosting your testosterone levels will help you counter this absence of libido. Sign up for workout sessions or take Tongkat Ali, scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia. This will help you gain the energy you need to boost that libido.

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7. Erection Problems (Erectile Dysfunction)

Another embarrassing condition men never admit is their inability to get an erection. The reason is self-explanatory but that shouldn’t prevent them from getting help. Almost like having no sex drive, getting an erection requires high testosterone levels, which brings us back to the remedy of having no sex drive. Pump up your testosterone levels by eating the right kinds of food, exercising, and taking Tongkat Ali. However, if the reasons are psychological, you might need to get medical help.

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8. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

This condition can be a little bit too embarrassing for most people to admit but this should never ever prevent you from visiting a medical practitioner. If your partner has been exposed to it, by all means, have yourself checked. And no, do not rely on self-medication for this one. Being sure about it is the best way to counter it because there are certain sexually transmitted diseases do not even have symptoms.


9. Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is the condition where you sweat excessively even in cool temperatures or when they are at rest. It affects almost 3 percent of the US population according to the National Institute of Health. The reason for this condition is because of overactive sweat glands and may be triggered by emotional or psychological issues. If you suffer from anxiety, cancer, or menopause, this may also trigger your sweat glands. So aside from medical help, which usually constitutes of iontophoresis, temporarily turning off the sweat glands, you may also have to get rid of your anxiety triggers.

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10. Head Lice

Head lice commonly affect younger people, especially children. However, these little monsters do not choose whether they want to afflict you or kids. There are several over the counter medical remedies or shampoos that help get rid of them. And you don’t have to show any mercy. These are parasites. So go ahead and use that lice-terminating shampoo.


These medical issues may be quite embarrassing but if you do not solve it or seek any help, it will take its toll on you. And that may not be pleasant. So if you suffer any of these, do not panic. Instead, be assertive and know the remedies. This will help you more than getting embarrassed and keeping it a secret. Keeping secrets won’t help you in this case.




Sheila C. is the brand executive at PureScienceSupplements, a biotechnology research company specializing in the research and application of herbs found in the lush tropical rainforests and highlands in the Asia Pacific.


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