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10 Herbs that can Boost Female Libido


10 Herbs that can Boost Female Libido!

For women, sex is always a difficult subject. From the very ancient times, sex for women is considered an obligation to men. But, with decades and centuries of change and evolution, women are becoming vocal about their sexual needs. But for men, it is still a taboo talking about women ‘sexual needs’.

It is very understandable that there are times that women are very unsatisfied with their sexual lives. And, taking into consideration the society that we live in, it is very awkward for women to talk about it.
Maybe it has been a while since you felt like having sex or it maybe you haven’t had your release from the sexual tension in a while. And to all the women reading this article, I just want to say, it is okay.

It is very understandable that women too need to feel free from all the sexual exasperation. If not, just like men women can start feeling off the hook. They start to feel depressed, they feel irritated and angry very often and it can even cause women to lose extra weight and become weak.

Yes, it is true that building valuable emotional relations with your partner is very important. It allows you to be free and comfortable around your partner. It builds up a healthy relationship. And when both the partners are sexually happy, then the relationship becomes more intimate and strong. But if the female counterpart of the relationship is not having her sexual desires fulfilled, then it might cause a relationship to go downhill.
But don’t worry girls, here are some amazing herbs which can help you fire your sexual drive, once again. 

Herbs that can Boost Female Libido


1. Dark Chocolate

Yes I know, you were expecting herbs in this list and the first one itself has created a rise in the excitement level. But let us not forget that chocolate has 70% of cocoa which helps in increasing the dopamine levels.

Dopamine, for better understanding, can be known as the pleasure hormone. So, when one consumes dark chocolate they feel relaxed, calm and happy. This can help female boost their sexual drive.


2. Ashwagandha 

We all identify ashwagandha as a symbol for Kamasutra for igniting passion and desire. This herb is known to intensify the female sexual experience by increasing the blood flow to the clitoris and other sexual organs. So, Ashwagandha is known as in immediate stimulator. It is known to increase the satisfaction in women.


3. Shilajit

Now, this herb is a blessing for people who want to increase their stamina in bed. This herb is necessary to remove the toxins and heavy materials from the body and provides us with a great deal of energy.

Now, before you start consuming the herb, you all must remember that this herb does not have immediate effects. It is only after a considerable amount of time that you observe noticeable effects.

So, if you are looking for immediate effects, this is not the herb for you.


4. Muira Puama

Often known as the ‘potency herb’. This herb not only driven a women’s sexuality but also maintain her reproductive health.

This herb has its effect in intensifying the orgasm in women. It increases the sexual desire in women. It increases both pre-menstrual sex and sex after menopause too.


5. Catuaba

Catuaba has a compound named yohimbine which increases the energy of a female’s body. It stimulates libido and desire.

It increases the dopamine level in the brain which increases the sensitivity of female sexual organs. If you consume this herb every day, it builds the creation of erotic dreams and intensifies the orgasm.


6. Damiana

The consumption of this herb can reduce stress. Stress obviously plays a huge role in obstructing sex. Often the bad mood and stress make you not feel the stimulation and turns off the sexual mood.

So, by regularly consuming this herb, the orgasm is usually intensified and it lasts longer. It helps women to feel sensitized sexual pleasures. Therefore, you can trust this herb to not make your sexual life better but also makes your everyday life easier.


7. Tongkat Ali

It is usually recommended to people who have low libido. This Herb can arouse the desire and cause an increase in the libido allowing the women to have a pleasurable trip while having sex.

It responds positively in the removal of external stress and allows the peace of mind while having sex. Tongkat Ali also allows women to maintain weight as it increases the rate of metabolism.


8. Tribulus Terrestris

Up till now, all the herbs concentrate on orgasms, arousal, and pleasure. There is one very important factor that drives sex, and that is lubrication. It is very important for women to be well lubricated for a smooth act. But this is often a problem and usually, external sources are employed to cause lubrication.

This herb naturally causes women to lubricate very well. Obviously like other herbs, this herb also intensifies the orgasm, make women feel desire and feel the sensitivity of sex. But one thing we must be thankful for this herb is the lubrication.


9. Suma Root

This herb is believed to create a balance of the female hormones and hence it excites the libido. Scientists say that suma roots have chemicals which increase the estrogen levels which is the primary cause for women’s sexual drive.

Therefore, consuming this root allows women to stay fit and sexually healthy. It has been proved that women on this herb experience a greater pleasure while having sex.


10. Maca Root

Maca root has a high content of zinc and iodine. These nutrients support woman sexual hormone, it increases the flame of desire in women.

It makes a woman feel satisfied and controls all the desires of women in the sexual direction. This herb also intensifies the orgasm and increases the sensitivity of sexual organs.




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