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10 Surprising Food Facts You Must Know!

When it comes to Food, People around the world love to try different food & beverages! Here are 10 Interesting & Surprising Facts we bet that You did not know!

1. Lemons

Lemon_natural cure for acne


1 Average size lemon contains more than enough Vitamin C required by a Normal Human Being! Lemon is considered as one of the healthiest plant food on the Planet!

2. Milkshakes


A Glass of Milkshake contains approx 1700 Calories! This is highest than any other fast food items available. So next time when you order a Milkshake, keep this in mind.

3. Decaf Coffee


A Decaf coffee (decaffeinated coffee) is NOT actually caffeine-free! A Decaf espresso can contain as much as 17 mg of caffeine while normal coffee of same quantity has 40 mg of caffeine.

4. Bread

fresh bread

According to a survey, fresh bread is the most commonly consumed food around the globe!

5. Peanuts


Peanuts are not really nuts. Peanuts are legumes, just like lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans, and grow underground.

6. Fruit Juice

apple juice

Fruit juices can be unhealthy just like coke! (if consumed in excess). 250 ml of Apple juice has around 120 Calories – more than the same amount of coke! Drink fruit juice in limit & if possible eat them raw.

7. Cheese


Cheese contains more protein than fish & turkey! For every 5 Calories, you get 1.2 gram of protein!

8. Ice cream

ice cream

Americans are the biggest consumers of ice cream. On an average, a single American consumes 12.5 Litres of ice cream every year!

9. Canned White Tuna

canned white tuna

Tunas are full of harmful mercury. A canned white tuna contains 3 times more mercury than non-white tuna! Next time, pick your tuna carefully!

10. Cooked Vegetables

cooked vegetables

Cooked vegetables are healthier & more nutritious than raw vegetables. Cooking makes the vegetables free from dangerous parasites if any. Cooking also releases essential nutrients which otherwise may remain undigested. For example, a cooked tomato contains more of antioxidant lycopene than a raw tomato.




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John Lincoln is Head of Editorial Staff at Remain Healthy. He is a Fitness Enthusiast, a Blogger by Passion and a Foodie. When not writing, he loves to Explore places and eat healthy food around the town.

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