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13 Best Tips for Supporting Your Partner with Anxiety!


13 Best Tips for Supporting Your Partner with Anxiety!

Anxiety is a  health condition that may close you off to other people. When your partner has anxiety, this can be a serious challenge for you.

You may want to help him deal with his condition, but you do not know exactly how to help him or what you can say to draw him out of his problems.

It is important to know that anxiety is not a physical condition, and it cannot be cured through reasoning or logic.

Like a disease, people with anxiety need special treatment. In this article, I will reveal some things you should know when your partner lives with anxiety as well as best tips for supporting him.

Best Tips For Supporting Your Partner With Anxiety – How To Deal With Your Current Mental Issue?


1. Understand Anxiety Disorders

Before learning how to deal with this issue, you need to know that the anxiety disorder your partner has is not like normal anxiety.

In fact, it is not like the way you feel before an appointment with your boss or when you are alone. It is much more complex, less controllable. It causes problems with your body and mind, making you experience further anxiety.

For instance, anxiety may change the chemistry in your brain, thus creating negative thinking. Then, negative thinking may reduce your ability to think positively, which makes it more difficult to control anxiety.

The longer you have anxiety, the more negative effects you can experience.

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2. Learn To Forget What You Think About Anxiety

When your partner is struggling with anxiety, it is important for you to forget what you think that you know about anxiety.

For instance, did you know that your partner can experience physical symptoms even when he is not mentally anxious? Did you know that one of the common symptoms of anxiety is a feeling of possible death, combined with physical symptoms that are like heart attacks?

In case you have never experienced anxiety, you may find difficult to understand it as it is much different than other normal anxieties people often experience in their life.

In case you start trying to help your partner, learn to forget everything you think about this disorder.

3. Let Your Partner Know That He Can Talk To You Openly

Your person has to know that he can talk to you about his anxiety without any fear of judgment. He needs to know that you are there to support him and that you will not judge him or change the way you think about him based on what he says.

4. Do Not Let His Anxiety Affect You

Be sure that you are working on your anxiety as your feeling can have an effect on the feeling of other people, especially when you spend more time. In case you are solving with anxiety yourself, your partner is also going to solve with more anxiety.

5. Be Forgiving

Remember that anxiety can make your partner easy to irritation. Ideally, you should try to be forgiving. Let him know that you understand and forgive him

Do you want to know other tips for supporting your partner with anxiety? Continue reading this entire article and then try to follow these tips for good.

6. Do Not Expect An Immediate Change

Controlling anxiety will take time. People who try to deal with it too fast may find that they are sometimes worse than before.

Therefore, it is very important for you to understand that dealing with anxiety will take a lot of time and even in some cases, there are more issues turning up. This is, in fact, a very important thing to learn and care about if you really want to overcome anxiety with your partner.

7. Do Not Shame Him About His Anxiety

There is not a more terrible feeling than someone shaming us. This shows a misunderstanding of the nature of anxiety. So, do not do this if you do not want your partner’s condition to worsen. When it comes to supporting your partner with anxiety, do not forget to forget this tip for good.

8. Get Out And Do Exciting Activities Together

You should try to be outdoors. Find some activities to do that do not involve alcohol. Staying active is known a great remedy for anxiety, and making happy memories together can help your partner deal with some of his stresses. So, try your best to do things together.

9. Be Proud Of Him When He Improves

He will be able to see that on your face. Note that anxiety may change thought patterns and it can make your partner feel more negative, which means that he is going to interpret your facial expressions in a negative way assuming you are ashamed of him or annoyed with him.

Therefore, be sure to emphasize your positive emotions and actually being happy once you see his improvement while avoiding feeling frustrated if he has any setbacks.

10. Accept His Anxiety

Sometimes, when a panic attack turns up, there is nothing you can do and you have to accept this. I encourage you to be patient, supportive during these episodes. In some cases, your partner can recognize when his thoughts are going dark, but he may not be able to pull himself out of it. Do not become frustrated when you cannot help him. You may help him the most by being there.

11. Be Yourself

You do not need to change yourself and your partner does not want you to change. In fact, the best thing you can do to help your partner with anxiety is to prove that you are a good influence in his life. Have fun, be positive and be the person that your partner loves.

12. Do Not Give Up Your Hope

Anxiety is a treatable condition, but your partner may not always feel or believe that. So, you do not give up your hope. With your effort, you will surely help your partner with anxiety feel better.

13. Never Forget That You Love Him

Sometimes, your partner’s anxiety can evolve into depression or rage. But, in this difficult time, do not forget that you love him so much, you care about him and you appreciate him more than you know.

A supporting person is an effective way to deal with your own anxiety. Read the above tips to understand how to give your partner the best opportunity to overcome his anxiety.

With the information as I mentioned above, it is time for you to follow some tips on how to help you partner with anxiety. Just remember that every person is different and has different needs, so even with do’s and don’ts, it is still hard for you to know exactly what to do.



Lien Nguyen is a Writer and Blogger, who has spent more than 6 years of experience working in the Relationship and Health industry. She works for and as a content coordinator for categories including Health & Relationship. I also focus on fitness, women’s issues, beauty, and lifestyle.

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