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15 Proven Health Benefits of Pomegranate!


15 Proven Health Benefits of Pomegranate!


Pomegranate is a beautiful fruit enriched with several health benefits. It has a lovely tiny crown and it encloses several juicy rubies within its peel. It is a powerhouse of health. The sweet and sour taste of the juice makes it more delicious.

Pomegranates have antioxidant properties. They are good sources of vitamins, minerals since it includes vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium. The fruit contains three times as many antioxidants as both wine or green tea.

Traditionally they have been used for clearing up the skin and reducing inflammation. Moreover, pomegranate juice also treats sore throats.

They are mostly known for curing heart-related problems and also maintaining healthy blood circulation. Pomegranate also helps to treat stomach disorders, diabetes , osteoarthritis, cancer, anemia and dental conditions.

Pomegranate syrups have become popular because of their use for treating cartilage damage and it also protects babies from brain damage incurred during their birth.

Nutrition facts

Nutritional value per 100g

Dietary fibers4g
Niacin 0.293mg
Pantothenic acid0.377mg
Vitamin C10.2mg
Vitamin E0.6mg
Vitamin K16.4μg

Health benefits of Pomegranate


1. Treats Stomach problems

Stomach disorders or any kind of digestive problems can be cured by the use of Pomegranate peel, bark, and leaves. You can also drink tea made from the leaves of this fruit to cure digestive problems. This fruit juice is used for handling problems like dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera.

2. Prevents Heart diseases

Regular consumption of pomegranate juice helps to maintain a good flow of the blood in the body. This subsequently decreases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The antioxidant components contained in this fruit help to manage the bad cholesterol and keeps the arteries clear of any clots. The clots are clear because of the ability of pomegranates to make the blood thinner.

3. Lowers cancer risks

Pomegranates contain antioxidants called flavonoids. These flavonoids aid in the fight against existing cancer cells in the body. Regular intake of pomegranates can reduce the PSA levels in the body. People facing a high risk of prostate and breast cancer should consume the juice of this fruit.

4. Good for Oral health

Pomegranate juice has antibacterial properties that protect against various oral diseases and helps to reduce the effects of dental plaque.

5. Reduce risk of osteoarthritis

Pomegranates are a good source of calcium that helps to treat bone problems like atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. The damaged arterial walls, cartilage, and joints can be cured by eating this fruit.

6. Treats anemia

Pomegranate helps to maintain healthy blood flow in the body. It supplies iron to the blood. this helps to reduce symptoms of anemia, exhaustion, dizziness and weakness

7. Good for a Diabetes

Pomegranate juice benefits a diabetic person as it reduces the risk of various coronary diseases. Moreover, it also reduces the hardening of the arteries.

8. Helps in Losing weight

The dietary fibers in pomegranate juice keep the stomach full. It does not possess fats and cholesterol. Therefore, it is an ideal fruit for weight loss.

9. Acts as a Natural Healer

Pomegranate juice possesses healing properties and also helps in renewal and regeneration of cell. Thus, helps to heal wounds, sunburns, and scars fastly.

10. Prevents premature Aging

The antioxidants in the juice help in preventing the premature aging of the skin and also help to reduce wrinkles.

11. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Pomegranate juice has several antioxidants and compounds that promote the proper functioning of the nervous system thus, prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

12. Boosts immunity

The antimicrobial properties of pomegranate juice help fight infection better and also improve the immune system of the body. Moreover, the juice also has the capacity to prevent the transmission of HIV.

13. Boosts Libido

Pomegranate juice is known to improve the testosterone levels which makes it a good aphrodisiac and libido booster. It also improves stamina and boosts energy.

14. Relieves Sore throat

Drinking pomegranate juice can give much-needed relief from a sore throat and even cough because of its antibacterial properties, which prevents the infection.

15. Good for skin

Omega3 fatty acids in pomegranate juice moisturize and keep dry skin hydrated making it soft and beautiful. Moreover, it can be used for oily skin to control the sebum production and pimples. Regular consumption of juice also lightens the skin color and gives skin natural glow and shine.

 How to Use Pomegranate in Your daily diet!

  1. You can add some pomegranate seeds to your favorite salad.
  2. Juice the seeds and use as a marinade for your favorite dish of shrimp, chicken.
  3. You can also sprinkle pomegranate seeds on any dessert. It adds flavor to it.
  4. Pomegranate juice is a great and refreshing option.
  5. You can also sprinkle pomegranate seeds on your fat cutter diet i.e. oatmeals or any cold cereal.


  1. People suffering from blood pressure problems must consult doctors before consuming pomegranate juice. The juice might increase the risk of blood pressure dropping too low in people who already have low blood pressure.
  2. People who have plant allergies may have an allergic reaction to pomegranate.
  3. If you have a surgery then it is better to stay away from this because this might interfere with blood pressure control during and after surgery.



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