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20 effective natural remedies to cure cold sore


20 Effective Natural Remedies to Cure Cold Sore!

Cold sores snatch the beauty of your lips. It is an infection in which small lesions appear on or around the mouth. Cold sores are commonly known as fever blisters. It is caused by herpes simplex virus. They usually disappear within 2-3 weeks. Cold sores are highly contagious.

Causes of Cold Sore

Cold sores happen when the herpes virus comes in contact with abraded skin or oral mucosa tissue of the mouth. Once this virus enters, it never leaves the body. It moves from mouth to the central nervous system. On reactivation, they form blisters or sores on and around the lips.

There are some of the common causes that trigger cold sores

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Menstruation
  • dental surgery
  • Sunburn
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Lip tattooing


Symptoms of Cold Sore

  • Headache
  • Pain around the mouth
  • Painful ulcers
  • Lip swelling
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling
  • Blisters
  • Burning sensation
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Itching on the infected area
  • Pain in the Tongue and the mouth
  • Glands in the neck or other body parts swell


Home Remedies to get Relief from Cold Sore

1. Ice pack

Ice provides instant relief in the swelling. It is the simplest and quick method to heal cold sore pain. Take some ice cubes. Crush them and put them in a cloth bag.

Put the bag on the cold sores for some time. Hold it for some time around 10 – 20 minutes. After that apply some Vaseline on the infected area to prevent the bacterial attack. Do this method at least three times a day.

2. Licorice root

Mix one tablespoon of licorice root powder in half teaspoon of fresh water. Make a paste and gently apply a thin layer of the mix on the sores.

Licorice root is best known for its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Cover the entire infected area with a cotton cloth. Alternatively, petroleum jelly can be used in place of water.

3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-fungal, properties. It is a beneficial remedy, for healing cold sores. Soak a cotton ball or a clean cotton cloth in tea tree oil.

Apply it directly on the sores. Let it dry. Practice this 2-3 times in a day for better results.

Don’t apply tea tree oil directly, if you have sensitive skin. Mix it with equal parts of water before applying.

4. Milk

Milk helps in relieving the cold sores and pain arising due to them. It speeds up the healing process. Soak a cotton ball in one teaspoon milk. Then, apply it directly on the sores and leave it. Wipe the area using a clean towel to remove the remains of milk.

5. Orange oil

Using a cotton ball or clean cloth, apply some orange oil directly on the blisters. It is an effective remedy to heal cold sores. To get quick results, follow the process thrice a day.

6. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great remedy to get rid of cold sores. Take 1 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide solution and soak a cotton ball in it. Apply the soaked cotton ball directly on the sores. Hold for five minutes and then, rinse with clean water.

7. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil acts as a disinfectant against the herpes simplex virus. First, clean the infected area with water. Take a cotton ball and first soak it in water and then in peppermint oil. Apply it directly on the cold sores. Practice this remedy 2 times a day.

8. Echinacea

Echinacea is a good herbal remedy for cold sores. It is known for its strong immune building properties. Mix few drops of Echinacea tincture in water. Follow the instructions given on the Echinacea tincture bottle, before taking it.

Alternatively, Echinacea tea bags are also available in the market. You can enjoy the tea in your mouth and let it heal the sores by flowing over.

9. Vitamin C and E

Vitamin C boosts the white blood cells that protects the body from infections. Vitamin E relieves from the irritation and discomfort that arise due to cold sores.

Consume foods, like broccoli, tomatoes, spinach Nuts, avocados, kiwi, red berries, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and green and red bell papers rich in vitamin C and E. these will definitely help in curing the cold sores.

10. Cornstarch paste

Cornstarch paste is a natural home remedy for cold sores. It soothes cold sores and provides relief in the itchy pain. Take one tablespoon of cornstarch and mix one teaspoon of fresh water in it. Mix well and slowly add more water to form a thick paste.

Apply it directly on the cold sores before going to bed at night. Wash it with clean water the next morning.

11. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is helpful in curing cold sores. It is a good healing agent. Extract the gel from aloe leaf. Dab the gel directly on the sores using a cotton bowl. It is a quick way to alleviate cold sores.

12. Vanilla extract

Take a clean, sterile cotton swab and dip it in the pure vanilla extract. Vanilla has anti-infection agents that fight against the viral infections. Apply this directly on the sores thrice a day.

13. Sunscreen

Sunlight exposure is also responsible in triggering the cold sore virus. The UV rays of the sun directly affect the sensitive skin. Apply a lip balm enriched with SPF 15 on your lips, before stepping out in sun. Else, you can also use sunscreen lipstick.

14. Lemon balm

Lemon balm possess anti-viral properties. These help to fight against the HSV virus. It is also one of the quick remedy to get rid of cold sores overnight.

15. Basil leaves

Basil leaves (tulsi) possess great antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Tea prepared from basil leaves is the best cure for cold sores. Prepare basil tea by boiling some basil leaves in water. Drink this warm tea to heal cold sores.

16. Olive leaf

Olive leaf also works well and show quick results. The extracts from the olive leaves act as a natural antibiotic for the treatment of cold sores. It helps to fight against the viral infections.

17. Garlic

Kyolic, a compound found in garlic possesses antiviral properties. It is known for speeding up the healing of cold sores. Crush some garlic cloves and make a paste. Apply paste on the cold sores.

18. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly helps in softening the irritated skin. It works as a shield against the bacteria. Apply some petroleum jelly on the infected area to reduce the severity of cold sores.

19. Alcohol

Take some alcohol and dip a sterile cotton ball in it. Apply the cotton ball on the cold sores. It will help reduce the itching and inflammation of the affected area.

20. Chamomile

Chamomile possess anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It quickens the healing process. Prepare chamomile tea or use as a tincture. You can also apply some chamomile oil directly onto the cold blisters.


Tips to remember

  • Stay away from the person infected with cold sores. Do not come in touch with the body fluids of that person.
  • Do not use the personal items like lipsticks, spoons, cups, lip balms, towels, etc. of the infected person.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Do not keep on touching the sores.
  • Avoid Fried and acidic foods
  • Change your tooth brush regularly.
  • Take plenty of sleep to reduce the stress



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