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20 natural remedies for anxiety


20 Natural Remedies for Anxiety!

As human beings, we have the natural tendency to be worried about certain things, unnecessarily over think about certain situations and often end up underperforming and losing out on so many opportunities.

The emotion is called anxiety, and if you’ve ever been in this position, you are not alone. It happens to the best of people of the best part is that it can be dealt with.

Many confuse anxiety with fear, which is not true. The difference being that fear is a response to a threat which is real or immediate and anxiety refers to the expectation of a future threat, say failing a job interview or an important examination.

Common signs of anxiety are nervous behavior, muscular tension, uneasiness, and dizziness.

If dealt with properly, anxiety can be cured naturally! Here are twenty natural remedies to deal with anxiety.

1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea can significantly control anxiety, stress, and uneasiness. A cup of hot chamomile tea, before going to bed, soothes and relaxes the body, elevates the mood and promotes a good sleep. Isn’t sleep the best way to stop unnecessarily fear about situations?

2. Get “Hot”

During anxiety, the muscles in the body tense up and increase the feeling of being stressed out. Heat helps relax the muscles and ease the extra tension. A hot shower or a steam sauna will relax the tensed up muscles and ease the body.

3. Try aromatherapy

Essential oils are amazing. Not only do they smell like magic, they are great for alleviating stress and anxiety. Invest in essential oils like jasmine and lavender. Place them centrally in your house for both visual and spiritual aesthetic. You will surely feel a positive difference as the power of the essential oils will eliminate stress and anxiety by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the happy hormones in the body.

4. Eat Dark chocolate

This is by far our favorite remedy. Everyone loves chocolate. I’d be afraid if you didn’t. Scientifically, dark chocolate is proven to reduce stress hormone levels in the body and encourages the release of the happy hormones endorphins. Don’t eat too much chocolate as it isn’t too good for your health. Dark chocolate also contains magnesium which reduces the jittery feeling.

5. Holy Basil

Holy basil or Tulsi is the sacred herb which can cure any ailment in the world. It is considered to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone which is released when the body stresses out. Add 8-10 leaves of fresh holy basil in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew for a while and then drink it. You will feel energized 100%.

6. Almonds

Remember the time when your mom would give you a handful of almonds every morning before going to school. Not only are they good for the brain, they are actually quite beneficial when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. Almonds contain zinc which is useful for maintaining a balanced mood. It also is a rich source of iron and healthy fats which reduce brain fatigue and keep you active for longer.

7. Ashwagandha

An ancient ayurvedic herb from India, Ashwagandha is known for its relaxing properties. The roots of ashwagandha contain flavonoids which boost and elevate mood.Being an adaptogen, it helps us to adapt to all kinds of environments including the stressful ones.

8. Orange peel

Orange scent is proven to reduce anxiety and uplift mood. For reaping the maximum benefit of orange peel, neatly peel the skin and put it in a pan. Cover the pan and heat the peels to a simmer. The aroma reduces anxiety. If you feel boiling the peel is a tedious process, you are free to drink fresh orange juice mixed with honey and nutmeg.

9. Nutmeg

Nutmeg contains myristicin and elemicin which offer anti-anxiety, pain relieving and mild sedative benefits. It activates the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.Its anti-inflammatory effects promote brain tissue growth, improve memory and eliminates anxiety, brain fatigue and depression. Add powdered nutmeg to your curries and gravies, or to your chapatti dough, or to your smoothies and fruit juices. The taste is almost unnoticeable.

10. Green Tea

Green tea is an affordable and accessible way to alleviate stress levels and maintain mind-body balance. Compounds like L-theanine in green tea reduce cortisol levels in the body making you feel relaxed, light and more chilled out. Due to absolutely zero calorie content of green tea, it is one of the healthiest drinks you can add to your diet. Drink about 5 cups throughout the day to maintain your health. It also promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism.

11. Massage

Your body is not a machine and the sooner you understand that the better it is. Your muscles need rest and massage to function properly. Poor health leads to anxiety about being able to give your hundred percent. Massage your muscles every week with soothing oils. Not only will your muscles get relaxed and release the stored tension, You too will feel energized and will have more of you to give at your workplace, home, and personal self.

12. Exercise

Exercise is possibly the best solution to everything. It has multiple benefits which are not just limited to weight loss or muscle definition. Exercise releases endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones. You will feel energized and the blood will flow uniformly throughout your body, transporting oxygen to every cell of your body. You will definitely feel amazing after a 30-minute workout session. It isn’t necessary to do a heavy workout at the gym. A simple 30-minute brisk walk will do the trick for you.

13. Meditate

You mostly feel anxiety when you overwork yourself. It is important to control your work, and not let work control you. If you feel too overworked, take a break, loosen any tight article of clothing, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Think of a good memory, or a dream that you want to fulfill in life. Try to fill the atmosphere with happy memories from the past, which outweigh your current tension.

It is okay to take a break from work. Your health matters more than an impending deadline.

14. Yoga

Yoga is great to stretch muscles out, facilitate blood flow in the body and monitor and control your breathing. The oxygen flows through all the cells in your body rejuvenating them; alleviating anxiety, stress and tension, and the stretches relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Practice yoga on a regular basis, to eliminate any signs of anxiety and stress. There is no better way you can help yourself battle anxiety than a good wholesome yoga session.

15. Eat a balanced diet

You cannot expect to lead a happy, anxiety-free life, without eating a proper balanced diet. Including all the requisite micro and macronutrients like proteins, minerals, in your diet is extremely important as they provide you with the energy and the strength to go through the day. Always keep hydrated, and eat healthily.

16. Avoid junk food

Your body is not designed to deal with the harmful effects of junk food. Not only does it do bad to your body, it also makes you lethargic, slows you down and reduces your productivity, making you inefficient to give your fullest to your work, which later results in the feeling of anxiety. Avoid as much junk food as you can. Eat once a month, if you have any cravings at all.

17. Say No to smoking and alcohol

Another reason to quit the practice. Smoking and alcohol reduces your productivity, makes your dull and inefficient. Both are harmful to your health and reduce longevity. Quit smoking and see results that you will be proud of.

18. Watch a funny movie

As silly as that would sound, watching a funny movie or your favorite movie can actually reduce anxiety. They trigger the emotion of happiness which can temporarily alleviate stress and anxiety, and have a calming effect on your mind and body.

19. Pet an animal

Animals are great companions. They are friendly and do not judge a person. Petting an animal can significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Countries like the United States actually have officially adopted the method of using animals as anti-depressants. So the next time, you feel anxious about something, step out of the house, find a dog, and just start petting it!

20. Find the trigger

Isn’t it the easiest? Finding what triggers the anxiety, and find a way out of dealing with it. If the work load is what is causing the anxiety, talk to your boss. We often term bosses as being sadistic beasts who reap pleasure by sucking the life out of employees. However, that is not true. You are an equal contributor to your workplace, and your boss would understand if something bothers you. Ask for a few days off, request some workload to be taken off of you. Sometimes, honestly talking and putting your problem in front helps a lot!

Although these natural remedies work like magic but still If you are still unable to cope with your Anxiety, seek professional help from a Psychiatrist.



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Sally is a Part of Editorial Team at Remain Healthy. She is Studying Diet & Nutrition at a College. When not writing or studying, she loves to cook healthy food.


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