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25 Science-backed Health Benefits of Turmeric


25 Science-backed Health Benefits of Turmeric!

You know your shirt or your notebook stain yellow when to keep your hand on them while eating. This beautiful yellow color of turmeric has created problems for you but you always include this herb in your food. The richness of cooked vegetables is due to this after all.

Turmeric (Haldi) is the oldest and one of the most popular spices known for its medicinal properties. It is used widely in cuisines, especially in India. It is native to India and not widely cultivated throughout the world because it requires a specific temperature and environment to thrive. But it is exported around the globe due to its desirability. The color of turmeric is the most striking characteristic, as it is bright yellow. Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicines in India from olden times, due to its therapeutic properties.

The smell and taste of turmeric make it very popular in soups, curries, meat dishes, and as a general spice flavoring for cultural dishes. It smells slightly like mustard but has a hot, almost pepper-like bitterness which makes it compliment a variety of dishes.

Curcumin is the active ingredient of this herb. Turmeric juice is used for the medical purpose and also mixed in topical salves and creams. Turmeric essential oil is also a powerful health agent.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Turmeric root is used to prepare turmeric powder which is used as a spice. Turmeric milk and turmeric tea are very important and healthy and can also be directly applied on the skin.

Turmeric has the ability to heal wounds, alleviate pain, ease menstrual difficulties, reduce inflammation, protect the digestive tract, protect cognitive abilities, eliminate depression, slow the aging process, and prevent cancer.

Nutritional Value

Per 100 g serving of Turmeric has these nutritional value:

Dietary fiber21g
Vitamin C25.9mg
Vitamin B61.8mg
Vitamin E3.10mg
Vitamin K13.4 µg
Folate39 µg

Health Benefits of Turmeric

1. Anti- cancer

Turmeric possesses anti-cancerous property which is due to the presence of chemical Curcumin. It along with killing cancer cells also prevents their formation and growth. Turmeric has been effective in preventing colon, stomach, prostate, breast, skin, and liver cancers.

2. Liver

Turmeric is a natural detoxifier which makes it beneficial for maintaining liver health. It helps in removing toxic substances from the blood by producing several enzymes. The production of these enzymes is stimulated by intake of turmeric. It also repairs damaged cells of the liver and fights several liver problems like jaundice.

3. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is generally seen in old age people. It is a form of dementia. Turmeric is effective in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease by decreasing the plaque level in the brain and stimulating the flow of oxygen in the brain. It prevents degeneration of neurons, memory loss and also reduces inflammation.

4. Proper digestion

Intake of turmeric stimulates bile production, which is essential for proper digestion and fat absorption. This helps in treating indigestion problem. This also helps to get rid of heartburn, bloating and also eases bowel movements.

5. Heart

Turmeric is also effective in preventing heart diseases like Atherosclerosis. It acts by clearing blocked arteries and reducing inflammation. It also prevents plaque formation in blood vessels and reduces levels of bad cholesterol. This reduces the chances of heart stroke and heart attacks.

6. Arthritis

There are plenty of active ingredients in turmeric but a particularly crucial compound Curcumin has received considerable attention due to its potent anti-inflammatory abilities. Arthritis is a condition marked by joint inflammation. Well, turmeric cannot entirely cure this condition, but helps in reducing the pain and inflammation.

7. Cholesterol

To maintain heart health it is necessary to maintain the good cholesterol levels. The increased levels of bad cholesterol can lead to various heart problems like heart attacks, strokes, etc. the addition of turmeric to your diet helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol naturally, thus preventing several health issues.

8. Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common condition nowadays, but you can control it by adding turmeric to your diet. It balances the levels of sugar in the blood and maintains the insulin level. The regular use of turmeric can also prevent the onset of diabetes. But it is advisable to consult your doctor before its use if you are under diabetes medication.

9. High blood pressure

Turmeric has the ability to lower blood pressure naturally. It reduces inflammation which is also a cause of high blood pressure, maintaining proper blood flow to the heart.

10. Weight loss

Intake of turmeric helps burn excessive fat by increasing your metabolism rate. It detoxifies liver naturally, which is responsible for metabolizing fat. As metabolism speeds up, calories burn

11. Depression

Curcumin is a versatile substance, and researchers have seen its effects on the hormonal balance in the body. Curcumin effects are somewhat similar as Prozac in patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. This makes it a powerful alternative to medicines taken to overcome depression which sometimes are harmful also. Turmeric gives a natural way to treat this condition.

12. Heal wounds

This is the most famous application of turmeric. You must have seen this in movies or serials related to history. Turmeric is used as a remedy for healing wounds, specifically an age old remedy. Applying turmeric on bleeding or open wounds reduces pain while the antibiotic property kills the infectious bacteria of the wound and its anti- inflammatory property reduces inflammation.

13. Immunity

A healthy immune system means lesser number of health issues. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of turmeric help in eradicating various bacteria and fungus which cause illnesses like cold, flu etc. Drinking a glass of turmeric milk daily works in improving your immunity.

14. Diarrhea

Turmeric helps in treating diarrhea. Its anti- bacterial and anti- viral properties kill infectious bacteria and virus of intestine which cause diarrhea. The dietary fiber in turmeric help smoothes digestive processes.

15. Menstrual issues

During menstruation there are cases of cramping, excessive bleeding, bloating.  The anti-inflammatory and soothing nature of turmeric can relieve most symptoms of menstruation. The natural compounds present in it helps relieves from pain and mood swings.

16. Bronchitis

Bronchitis is characterized by lung passage inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric reduces inflammation and also kills infectious bacteria which cause cold and flu along with bronchitis.

17. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the outer layer of the eye when your become pink from outside. Turmeric helps in reducing inflammation of the conjunctiva and its antibiotic property reduces the symptoms. You can soak cotton balls in turmeric water and compress it on the affected eye.

18. Pimples

Acne and pimple are due to clogged pores of your skin. Turmeric effectively removes excess oil and opens clogged pores. Its anti-bacterial property kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. For treating acne, you can try a face pack of sandalwood and turmeric powder.

19. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are common during puberty and pregnancy. To lighten your stretch marks, you can try out this natural remedy also. Add turmeric in your creams or make a paste of milk and turmeric. Massage daily, this will help fade stretch marks.

20. Eczema

Eczema is a skin inflammation which causes itchy, red and patchy skin. Turmeric’s antibacterial property kills bacteria which cause itching and redness. You can apply milk and turmeric paste on infected areas or use it in rinsing the affected area.

21. Burns

Burns and their marks look unappealing. Well, turmeric is a natural effective cure for them. The antiseptic property helps in healing burns and also reduce inflammation and pain. Mix turmeric aloe Vera gel and apply it 2-3 times a day. It reduces burn marks.

22. Antioxidant

The anti-oxidant property of turmeric eliminates free radicals from the body. This reduces the chances of several health problems caused by free radicals like cancer, heart problems, skin diseases, etc.

23. Headache

Turmeric helps in reducing headaches like a migraine. A headache is usually caused by nerve inflammation and the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property of turmeric reduces nerve inflammation and pain.

24. Remove facial hair

If you are troubled with the problem of excessive facial hair then try out this natural remedy which can help you get rid of this. Turmeric and gram flour scrub can help in removing facial hair. Apply in a circular manner daily and see the change.

25. Hair

Turmeric is also good for hair. The anti-fungal, antioxidant properties benefit hairs also. It prevents dandruff, itchiness of scalp and promotes hair growth.

Well, turmeric is used in every dish, every vegetable you cook. But if you want to consume other than this then try these 2 tips.

  1. Turmeric milk- Turmeric milk is a healthy drink which helps in treating many health issues. Turmeric and milk both work to eliminate free radicals. It also helps in treating cough and cold, indigestion, purifies blood and gives you healthy glowing skin. It is best to treat wounds. Drinking turmeric milk can help you relief pain of your wounds.
  2. Turmeric tea- Turmeric tea is effective in preventing cancer, menstrual cramps, arthritis, improving bone health, removes toxic substances from the body, relieves pain, and also detoxifies the liver.


  1. Breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before consuming it.
  2. People with gallbladder problem also need to consult their doctors before using turmeric in their diet.
  3. Turmeric can interfere with diabetes and high blood medications.  it has blood thinning properties which can be a serious problem. Better to consult the doctor or leave consuming it if you are up for a surgery.




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