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5 Fun Ways To Work Out With Your Dog


5 Fun Ways To Work Out With Your Dog!

Dogs usually make the best workout partners. They will never complain about the hills or cancel on the last-minute. Furthermore, they are always stoked to follow you as you move out of the door. That energy can actually be contagious. Researchers have found out that dog owners are 34 percent more likely to get the required 150 minutes of exercise every week as compared to people who don’t have a dog. Even if you are just taking your dog for a walk, it still counts. Nevertheless, there are lots of other activities that you can do together with your dog; all while still strengthening the bond.

Dogs can be just like young kids. If you don’t offer them something that’s constructive to do, they’ll certainly find something else to do on their own and you might just not like it because in most instances it involves destructive behavior. Some of the common behavior problems that are seen in dogs that don’t get enough exercise are:

  • Destructive chewing, scratching or digging
  • Investigative behaviors such as garbage raiding
  • Hyperactivity, excitability and the night-time activity
  • Unruliness, knocking over your furniture and jumping on people
  • Excessive predatory as well as social play
  • Play biting and the rough play
  • Attention-getting behaviors such as barking and whining


To avoid all these problems, ensure that you give your dog enough exercise on a daily basis.


5 ways to Exercise with Your Dog


1. Jogging

jogging with dog

If your dog has lots of energy and it loves action, then introduce him to the joy of jogging. For dogs who have never jogged before, it might take a little time to getting used to. However, after realizing when can puppy goes outside, you can start slowly and then jog at the same time every day. Your dog will eventually grasp the hang of things and the two of you can enjoy great heart healthy daily workouts together. For this type of exercise, you might want to try out a leash that fastens to the waist. However, you can only do so if the dog listens well to your commands and it’s not apt to cause any injury or harm by pulling you too fast or too hard.


2. Stand-up paddle boarding

paddle boarding with dog

It’s almost clear as if the stand-up paddleboards were specially-designed for dog co-pilots. Dogs of all sizes can actually ride on the nose (as you get that killer Ab workout). Just pick a calm day on a bay or lake for your first excursion, so that your dog can develop sea legs. If you are struggling to balance your board, you should try paddling on the knees. This will lower your center of gravity, till your dog feels comfortable enough. Still, odds are you will both take a dip. This is the main reason why experts recommend outfitting the dog with life preservers. It will make it much easier for you to lift the dog back to the board.


3. Fetch!

play fetch with dog


Grab a Frisbee, tennis ball or your dog’s favorite toy and then head out for one of the most enjoyable ways for exercising with your pet. Dogs who like retrieving items will certainly love this workout! For better results, make your fetch game rigorous and challenging. Also, ensure that you engage in this exercise for a predetermined period of time and then try doing it at about the same time every day so that the dog comes to expect it and the 2 of you develop a great workout routine that will stick for a period of time.


4. Bike Riding

Bike Riding with Dog

Dogs that are fit enough to endure few miles of running shall probably like bike riding together with you. Just like jogging, you might want to try out a leash which fastens around the waist and leaves your hands free for maneuvering your bicycle. However, this is only possible if your dog is not prone to pulling and it obeys all your commands quite well. It’s strongly recommended that you only engage in this exercise with your dog on a designated bicycle path or on a terrain where you are unlikely to face traffic from the other vehicles.


5. Morning Walk

Of course, walking with your dog is always a great way to exercise together. Regardless of age or breed, all dogs will enjoy at least 2 good walks a day. A brisk walk daily can do wonders for your cardiovascular health, weight management, and immune system. However, it can be quite hard to get the motivation to moving every morning. Use the dog’s unflagging energy and urge to get outdoors as a source of motivation to quickly move from your house to the parks. You should also ensure that your pet feeds on high-calorie dog food that will give it the energy to move around daily.



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