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7 Key Benefits of Body Massage for Babies


7 Key Benefits of Body Massage for Babies!

Massage therapy can do wonders both for the young and infants. Baby massage therapy is considered as the most holistic and noninvasive touch therapy for the newborn babies.

The massage done by the parents acts as a communicative approach between them and their children and create a sense of belongingness and attachment amongst them. Massage therapy acts as a psychological food for the infant.

The soothing stroke of massage activates the production of oxytocin. The oxytocin hormone is responsible for creating a bond of love and warmth between you and your infant. Massage therapy can do wonders for premature babies.

It can activate the key nerve known as vagus which is responsible for linking brain with other vital systems of the body. It is the stimulation of this nerve that can fasten the pace of maturity in your baby. Enlisted in this article are seven amazing benefits of body massage for babies.

It is not only the infant who enjoy the benefits of the massage, but their parents as well by improving their parenting skills and enable them to understand the cues of their infant.


1. Peaceful sleep

Regular baby massage can help your baby to get a proper and peaceful sleep. A recent research study draws out a conclusion that the infants who were accustomed to regular massage therapy were likely to cry less and sleep for long hours. The purpose of regular massage of the baby from the early days is to ensure the lower levels of stress hormones which in turn encourages his happy and healthy development.


2. Relief from colic pain

Most of the infants at birth suffer from severe colic pain due to intestinal gas. The belly massage ensures the removal of waste from the body at regular intervals. It is the best option that rests with parents to help their child get rid of the trapped gas which is causing the pain.


3. Enhances the pace of motor development

The regular massage of the infants helps in the activation and maturing of his/her nervous system and exposes the infants to recognize the different parts of its body. Moreover, the gentle strokes of massage improve the baby’s reflexes involved in co-ordination and muscle control.


4. Provides relief from congestion

If your infant suffers from congestion, then make massage an essential practice to help your baby recover at the earlier age. Systematic massage helps to clear the removal passage of sinuses, avoiding fluid accumulation in the airways and sinuses respectively.


5. Ideal for your infant development and maturity

Baby massage is the easiest way to stimulate sensory development that can ensure your infant’s social, physical and emotional development at a quick pace. Massage can result in the stable brain activity. Massage is must for the prematurely born infants. Research have shown that babies who were given a massage on a regular basis tend to have brain activity that develops at a normal level as compared to the babies who were not exposed to massage therapy.


6. Helps your child feel at peace, happy and comfortable

We have often witnessed a lot of crying babies in our surroundings. This is because their bodies are not getting the proper treatment. Some of the general reasons assumed for this cranky behavior can be discomfort, pain in legs and abdomen. Regular massage secures the peace of your baby and reduces the element of crankiness in the personality.


7. Helps gain weight

Massage therapy for the underweight babies provides significant results in the form of weight gain. Improved health will enable the infants to fight off the infections in a better way.



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