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Let’s clear some Facts first! Anyone and everyone can attain and maintain a Six Pack Abs or a bikini clad body. But you have to work really hard for it and change your current lifestyle to suit the lifestyle of your dream body!

Tofu tastes like crap and has far less protein and nutrients as compared to our regular cottage cheese.

Eating rice, sugar and potatoes don’t cause diabetes and obesity but consuming them in an unhealthy way will!

Fruits make the best anytime snacks! Not because they are yummy and can be eaten raw but also because they are healthy and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

We will never advise you to eat the rabbit food, you can eat the human food. You can eat your burger, chocolate, cake and practically everything you want but in moderation. (I know it is exactly opposite to what you have been hearing till now from the Gurus & the doctors)

This website is Your One-stop Guide to Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sex, and More! All the information published on this website is backed by science and evidence.

All our articles are written after detailed research. We never post anything which can be a possible health myth.

Think of us like a Friend, who truly cares for you and is there to help you live a healthier life! (Getting that sexy figure is just an added bonus)

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