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Why Drinking Coffee is Good for Your Health


Why Drinking Coffee is Good for Your Health?

A night before exams, when you need to study whole night. You have your exam partner- Coffee. It helps to keep you awake the whole night. Not only this, when you are exhausted and you feel relaxed after having a cup of coffee. Well, the story of coffee just starts here. It does have more health benefits which you might won’t know.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, known for its wide variety of taste. It is slightly acidic and can have a stimulating effect because of its caffeine content. Coffee plants are now cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in the equatorial regions of the Southeast Asia, India, Americas, and Africa. People drink coffee almost daily, some even 5-6 times a day. In offices, schools, malls etc. we have large coffee machines, at home, we often have single serve coffee makers which actually work best for the small requirements that we have at home.

Billions of cups of coffee are drunk every day around the world and when a thing is that universally enjoyed then there must be something besides an energy boost and a well-blended flavor. Well, coffee is not that typical healthy drink, but it does have some surprising health benefits.

Coffee comes from the beans obtained from its plant. The most commonly used bean is Coffee arabica. There are plenty of other varieties also, depends on the region of the world you are drinking coffee in, or on where you are importing the beans from.

Coffee beans include vitamin B, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. Most importantly, it contains caffeine, which has a wide range of health benefits when consumed in moderation.

Coffee has the ability to protect the cardiovascular system, optimize the metabolism, reduce the chances of diabetes, improve cognitive health, increase liver protection, boost energy levels, aid in weight loss, and protect against certain types of cancer.

Nutrition facts of Coffee

Amount 1 cup – prepared with water:

  • 2–5 calories
  • ZERO fat, sugar, carbs or protein
  • 0.2 mg vitamin B2 riboflavin
  • 0.6 mg pantothenic acid
  • 116 mg potassium
  • 0.1 mg manganese

20 Health Benefits of Coffee

1. Cognitive health

Coffee contains caffeine that helps to focus and increase attention by stimulating the brain. While this can sometimes be fatal also if too much coffee is consumed.

The regular process of drinking coffee has been shown to protect the cognitive health and also prevent age-related mental degradation. Studies show that intake of coffee on a regular or moderate basis by elderly people make them 60% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

It is known that too much caffeine is harmful to your cardiovascular system. Researchers reveal that regular coffee drinkers can reduce their risk of having a stroke, and in females, coffee seems to decrease the risk of heart disease. It can often work to clear out the system and keeps your cardiovascular system to function at a high level. But remember to consume coffee in limits. More of it can reduce your blood pressure and other cause other health issues.

3. Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

This benefit about coffee came into notice in recent years. Studies reveal that people who regularly consume coffee have a relatively lower chance of developing diabetes. This might be due to the fact that coffee makes you more energized and active or the appetite suppressing effects of coffee that promote to reduce your risk factors for diabetes. Check out 21 Easy ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar! 

4. Optimizes Metabolism

Vitamin B functions to regulate and guide the metabolic activity in our body. The presence of significant levels of riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid in coffee means that it helps to optimize our metabolic efficiency so that our body use nutrients efficiently, maintain balanced hormone levels, and keep the body running smoothly.

5. Helps in Healthy Weight loss

Coffee helps in providing energy to people to move around, become active, burning calories faster. The stimulating nature of caffeine speeds up the body’s metabolism and increases burning of calories. Moreover, coffee also suppresses the appetite, so you can remain firm in your dieting goals. Trying To Lose Weight? Discover how Adele did it!

6. Helps in Your Fitness goals

Most of the people who do regular workouts use coffee as a final burst of energy so they can get the most of their workout. This burst of caffeine acts as instant energy that allows people to push themselves more, a bit harder and longer.

7. Promotes Liver Health

This is still under research, but yes coffee consumption is linked to liver health, particularly in the prevention of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and fatty liver disease.

8. Prevent dental cavities

Well, you might be unaware of how coffee links with healthy teeth. The bitter compound in coffee, Trigonelline, lends this drink its enticing aroma. Moreover, it also impedes the formation of cavities in our teeth, owing to its anti-microbial properties.

9. Prevents Gout

People often suffer from the problem of having an excessive quantity of uric acid in the blood. This might cause nagging pain in joints. This condition generally observed in men and is known as gout. But, fear not, the solution is right here and quite easy to follow. Drinking 2 cups of coffee each day can reduce your chances of getting affected by gout by more than 59%.

10. Prevents cancer

Coffee is not a traditional remedy for treating cancer. Well, it also does not cure all types of cancer but has been linked to two types of cancer prevention specifically– liver and colorectal cancer. These are the 3rd and 4th deadliest forms of cancer.

11. Reduces pain

If you have a strenuous exercise schedule and suffer from regular muscle pain, then having a cup of coffee post-workout can help ease out your suffering. Then, you also not need to take relaxants like naproxen and will bid goodbye to sore muscles.

12. Improves blood circulation

Having one cup of coffee a day is great for healthy blood flow inside our capillaries. The smoother blood circulation promotes improved oxygenation of cells and tissues, making the body more energetic.

13. Loads of antioxidants

Coffee contains caffeine and along with it contains antioxidants that can do wonders to our health. If you are a regular coffee drinker, consuming at least 2 cups of coffee, it can supply more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. It also contains nutrients like potassium, riboflavin, and magnesium.

14. Stress buster

Caffeine proves to be an excellent stress-buster, especially when to have sleepless nights. The aroma of fresh coffee inhibits brain proteins that cause anxiety and allows your mind to relax and your body to have a good sleep.

15. Feeling Tired? A cup of Coffee will refresh you!

So when you are tired after whole day’s work then instead of going towards your bed, make your way to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee you like. You will feel up in no time. Try same in the morning, soon you will snap out of your drowsiness. The reason behind this is because caffeine is a brilliant stimulant that makes you more alert than usual.

16. Depressed? Drink a Cup of Coffee!

Coffee works to energize and activate our mind and body. It can do wonders for a person suffering from depression. it stimulates the neurotransmitters which help in significantly improving the mood. But, please consume it in limits as it is connected to anxiety and mood swings if taken in excess.

17. Live a Long & Healthy Life

Coffee helps to prevent many diseases, and it also helps you to live longer. Many studies on coffee concluded that people who drink coffee live longer. It lowers risk of death in men by 20% and 26% in women.

18. Reduces retinal damage

Coffee can work great in taking care of your eyes. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, antioxidant, which helps in preventing the degeneration of the retina.

19. Use as a Facial scrub

Coffee works extremely well as an exfoliant. mix fresh or used coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil and make a paste and apply. It works way better than other brand facial cleansers.

20. Healthy, Shining Hairs

Wash your Hairs with Coffee! Coffee can make your hair shinier by exfoliating the individual hair strands. It strips away any grime or any of your old hair-care product stuck on them. don’t do this if you have colored hair. Losing Hairs? Here is how to control Hairfall!


  • Coffee is quite safe for pregnant women if taken 2 cups per day or less. drinking more than this amount increases the risk of premature birth and miscarriage.
  • Drinking 1 or 2 of cups of coffee is safe for breastfeeding mothers. But caffeine in larger amounts can cause irritation in a nursing infant’s digestive tract, and sleep problems.
  • It may be unsafe for children to drink caffeinated coffee.
  • There is a concern that coffee might worsen the condition of bleeding disorders.
  • Drinking unfiltered coffee increases the amount of cholesterol and other fats in the blood, increasing the risk of heart disease.
  • Coffee especially when taken in large amounts, can worsen diarrhea.
  • Drinking coffee might increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.




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John Lincoln is Head of Editorial Staff at Remain Healthy. He is a Fitness Enthusiast, a Blogger by Passion and a Foodie. When not writing, he loves to Explore places and eat healthy food around the town.


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