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ten easy ways to cleanse your colon at home


10 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Colon at Home!


Do you know that the Colon is the most important part of our body? You thought that Heart, liver, kidney were the critical organs to survive…. Right?

Well, they are, BUT for the proper functioning of all the organs of our Body, the colon becomes the most critical organ.

Sounds overwhelming?

Think about colon as the waste management hub of our body.

Yes, it is the one which removes the waste products that are left from what we eat. Not only it removes the waste product but it also helps in absorption of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from what we eat.

However, when Colon fails to work as it should for a healthy human, it starts to retain toxins as opposed to eliminating them, brings up issues like cerebral palsy, bloating, clogging, gas, weight increase, low vitality, weakness, and chronic diseases. You can use this exact diet to detox and lose weight naturally!

Can you now look at the bigger picture now?

Now, if you really think that it is rare for the people to have colon issues, you need to ponder on below 3 very important facts:

1. The average Human being, with a perfect bowel movement has around 7-10 pounds of old feces stuck in the colon.

2. With time, waste material accumulates on the walls of the colon which serve as a perfect breeding place for bacteria, viruses and parasites.

3. Since very few of us detoxify on a regular basis, the toxins start building up in the colon.

Symptoms of Colon Toxicity:

Symptoms often come in disguised form and often appear suddenly like…

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Bloating
  • Tender abdomen
  • Painful Bowel movement or Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever Etc.


Since these are also common ailments hence people often fails to disguise that these can be one of the symptoms of colon toxicity.

Colon Toxicity often leads to Colon cancer and Liver cancer.

But, don’t worry!

If taken proper care of, with routine cleansing techniques, one can increase the longevity of the system and prevent painful ailments.

In just a Few Minutes You will Discover 10 Easy ways to Cleanse Your Colon at Home!

1. Apple Juice


Fresh apple juice is one of the best home remedies for colon cleansing. Drinking fresh apple juice consistently encourages defecation, separates toxins and enhances the healthy functioning of the liver and also the digestive framework. The best result is obtained with fresh apple juice, however, if that is unavailable, you can opt for packaged organic juice. Make sure, its composition is not altered by added preservatives, sugar, and color.

Wake up with a glass of fresh apple juice. Follow it up with a glass of water half an hour later . Repeat this schedule a few times for the duration of the day and continue this for three days. In the middle of, you can likewise drink one glass of prune juice. Remember, during this cleansing process; try to stay away from solid food as much as you can.

2. Lemon Juice


Lemon is known for its high vitamin C content. It helps in the best possible working of the digestive framework.

Lemon juice with a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of natural honey with warm water in the morning. It helps in healthy waste discharge in the morning. It also keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

It additionally keeps the body active throughout the day. For additional results, Mix Lemon juice with apple juice and have it 2 to 3 times each day. It cleanses the colon and clears the mucus out of the colon for healthy bowel activities.

3. Eat fiber rich food.


Food articles rich in fiber are a great home remedy which can be effectively used to cleanse your colon in a yummy & nutritious way. They are also easily available so you don’t have to depend on packaged or canned food.

Add Fiber rich food to your daily diet like fresh fruits like raspberries, pears, apples and fresh vegetables namely artichokes, peas, broccoli, etc

Cereals, nuts, whole grains, beans, and seeds are also rich in fibers which are helpful in colon cleansing.

4. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a well known natural remedy known for its detoxification and laxative properties which are very beneficial for the skin and body. These Healthy Properties of Aloe make it one of the perfect solutions for colon cleansing.

Cut an Aloe Vera leaf from the middle vertically. Extract its pulp and add 2 tablespoon lemon juice into it. Blend the mixture refrigerate it for 2 hours. Take this juice 4 times during the course of the day. Repeat this regularly to cleanse your colon. Make extra in case you run out of the concoction. It is advisable to plant a small bonsai in your house, as aloe juice also helps relieve gastric pains.

5. Triphala


Triphala is a Sanskrit word which literally means the combination of three fruits (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki). It is rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoid, and phospholipids. The Laxative present in Triphala helps promote the elimination of toxins and promote bowel movement.

Triphala is easily available in Ayurvedic stores. You can easily take it raw (powder) with water. Regular intake of Triphala can help to cleanse your colon.

6. Ginger


Ginger is one of the most common and easily available ingredients that can help ease bloating and stimulate bowel movement and keep it free from harmful toxins. It aids in digestion by stimulating digestive glands to secrete more digestive juices. Read 20 Health Benefits of Ginger here.

The best part of using ginger to cleanse your colon is that you can take it in any form you like. You can take the juice, eat it raw, add to your tea or have it grated.

One of the best and easy option is to mix one teaspoon of ginger juice, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice  and one-quarter cup of hot water. You can also use a little honey for taste. Drink the solution.

You can also add ginger to herbal tea in cut form or drink ginger flavored tea which is available in tea bags.

Note: Not recommended for women who are pregnant.

7. Senna

Cleanse your colon at home with senna tea

Senna acts as a powerful laxative. It is a flowering plant whose pods and leaves contains anthraquinones(Main constituents of laxatives and irritants). They are one of the most powerful colon stimulants. You can easily cleanse your colon with Senna Tea.

It relieves from constipation and helps in a healthy bowel movement. It also enhances the peristaltic movement of the colon.

Senna is available in the form of tablets and capsules that can be taken directly. You can also use crushed Senna herb for tea. Put the herb in a cup and pour boiling water in it.

In 10 minutes the water will absorb the good properties of the herb. Strain it, and then have it. It is very critical to strain the tea properly because the resin of Senna can cause stomach cramps which can cause severe pain and an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

8. Yogurt

cleanse your colon with yogurt

Yogurt is a source of probiotics and good bacteria. It helps to get rid of bad bacteria which cause stomach cramps. It also contains calcium which is an important mineral required by our body. It stops the growth of unwanted cells lining of the colon which is responsible for colon blockage.

If taken regularly, yogurt is very effective in the proper functioning of our digestive system. Everyday Problems like indigestion, acidity, constipation and other bowel problems can also be treated easily simply by making yogurt part of your daily diet. The basic nature of yogurt reduces the acidic build up in the stomach walls and reduces the pain due to acidity in the stomach. If you want something yummy to cleanse your colon, start eating yogurt regularly.

Yogurt can be consumed as it is with your regular meal or some fresh fruits can be added to it. It should be taken 2- 3 times a day to cleanse your colon.

9. Flaxseeds


Flaxseed is undoubtedly a great natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibers, thus adding flaxseed to your diet is an effective way to cleanse your colon in the comfort of your home. Flaxseed will absorb water and expand in the colon, and thus will assist in removing toxins and mucus as the waste matter passes through. In addition, the antioxidants present helps in preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

You can always add ground flaxseeds to cereal, yogurt, fruit and other healthy edibles. For quick results, add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed to a glass of water and drink it 30 minutes before eating your breakfast and before going to bed. Follow this regimen to the T and see fantastic results.

10. Water

cleanse your colon naturally with water

Needless to say, water is not called an essential fluid for no reason. It is the solution for almost every ailment and it is so readily available on the go. Water is the best and naturally available resource to cleanse your colon.

For colon cleansing, the best thing you can do is drink plenty of water daily. It is essential to drink at least 12 glasses of water each and every day. Regular water intake gives our body the much-needed Fluid to flush out the harmful toxins and waste in a natural way.

Drinking more water also stimulate the natural peristaltic action, helping the food to move easily through the digestive tract. Also, since our body is 80% water and hence it is essential to keep our body well hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times whenever you go out for a walk, gym, work etc.. Make sure the water you are drinking is purified and not too old. Unpotable water can cause more damage than good.

These are some of the very easy and natural ways, with ingredients that you can find anywhere in any local grocery stores to cleanse your colon. Remember, to have a balanced, healthy meal, not eat too much junk, processed food or sugar.

What if these Natural Remedies don’t work?

There might be a possibility that your colon obstruction has aggravated too much for these mild, natural treatments to work. In case the irritation and pain persists, consult a doctor. You need to cleanse your colon one way or another.

Medical procedures like the enema or surgical procedures like colostomy (Section of the colon is removed and the colon is rerouted to the side) are some long-term solutions to an obstructed bowel. However, surgery has long recovery period and is a more curative than a preventive move.

It is suggested that you regularly stick to any one of the ten above mentioned natural procedures for optimal results to avoid hospital trips and save on a great amount of time and money.

We often tend to neglect our body in this fast-paced world. Remember, you need to take adequate care of your body. Staying healthy will make you capable of delivering beautifully in every aspect of your life.

Do not let a clogged colon, clog your dreams and aspirations!



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