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everything you need to know about balanced diet


Everything that You Need to Know about Balanced Diet!

We all know the elementary definition of the balanced diet, it is a diet that comprises of the fruits, vegetables which provide your body with adequate amount of nutrients and minerals.

I know all of this sounds utterly boring and monotonous to follow and adapt to your daily routine.

I have felt the same way for a long time unless and until I started looking at it with a completely different perspective.

Imagine if you could make your favorite dish a part of this healthy diet conundrum by just making some small alterations. These alterations can be increased gradually as you become comfortable with the whole process.

Let’s consider my favorite chicken curry can be made a perfect balanced diet meal by adding certain alterations like basil leaves, beetroot crushed or ground and with some nuts added and just altering the spices to one lower level and tada!! Your healthy yet super tasty meal is ready.

Trust me there are loopholes present everywhere for making a dish you love a healthy one as well. It’s just some seed efforts are required.


Why is Balanced Diet Important?

It is crucial to have a balanced diet to provide your body organs and body tissue proper nutrition and proper minerals for their proper functioning and maintenance.

In the case where you do not have a balanced diet for some time, it may lead to multiple health hazards and issues which are not as easy to resolve as they were to originate. In children, the lack of a balanced diet will hinder their growth and will also suppress their activeness and routine.

A balanced diet is highly important for people with diseases like- heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and sugar. Such health problems required extra attention to be given to the body and the diet you take. If not done so, the body finds it difficult to get the basic nutrients to ameliorate the recovery.

Without any recovery and maintenance, the chances of getting worse aggrandise and the results are obviously not good.

Also, apart from helping you to cope up with these diseases and health problems other benefits of a balanced diet includes- a healthy lifestyle, a body with better functioning organs and without any deficiency of nutrients or minerals.

As we are aware half of the diseases and health problem are rooted in the lack of one or the other nutrient in our bodies and when being a little cautious can save you all the visits to the hospital then why no get on board and adopt a balanced diet.

A balanced diet does not extend its advantages to just the physical health but to the mental health as well. When you have your routine surmounted by a balanced diet which includes three proper meals in a day and not skipping your breakfast, it makes you think better, learn better and be a better version of yourself.

This is something I have personally strongly experienced and trust me it is the best.


What All does a Balanced Diet Includes?

It is very significant to everything that should be a part of your diet in order to make it a balanced one. So, following are the food items which will take your diet to higher strata in the process of making it a balanced one.



Yay! As it is a worldwide fact that everyone loves fruits and everyone has their favorite ones. There are a zillion fruits which provide you with a billion benefits.

Each fruit has a different vitamin or mineral in abundance. And if the intake of fruits, if done wisely can actually have unbelievable results. Fruits are also used as remedies for a lot of health related problems.

One can include fruits in a variety of ways in your diet.



Vegetables are one of the most vital and elementary parts of a balanced diet. Without having vegetables as a part of your routine you cannot have a real balanced diet.

Vegetables are consumed in a variety of ways just like fruits. One can have vegetable juices, vegetable salads or use them as add-ons on any of your favorite dishes or cuisines.

Spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli, collard greens, Swiss chard are some examples of green leafy vegetables that help you in a plethora of ways to have a healthy diet.



Grains are basically more of the kind of food that provides you with strength and builds enough energy for you. With the exception to white flour that is being widely consumed in food like pasta, pizza, noodles etc.

The sad part is that the white flour is deprived of all the nutritious part that a grain should include.The refining process of the white grain removes the hull and the hull is the major part of the nutrition offered by the grain.

On the other side whole grain contains the hull and the hull is intact while processing too.

Hence, one should prefer whole grain over white flour to add nutrition value to your daily intake of food.



Proteins play a very important role in building our immunity and also are highly essential fo muscle and brain development. The low-fat sources of proteins include chicken, fish, pork and beef.

Though even some vegetarian sources are considered really efficient for increasing the protein intake in one’s diet like beans,  lentils, beans, peas, almonds, sunflower seeds and walnuts.



The dairy products include everything related to milk and milk products. The dairy is basically used to fill in our calcium requirements and necessity.

If the diet we have is deficient in dairy then the body will be deprived in calcium and this deficiency can lead to major health diseases.

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Oils should be used sparingly.One must go for low-fat and low-sugar versions of products that contain oil, such as salad dressing and mayonnaise.

Good oils, such as olive oil, can replace fattier vegetable oil in your diet. Avoid deep-fried foods because they contain a large number of empty calories.



Water is something we cannot live without. It is required for the whole basic functioning of the digestive system and for fulfilling the moisture requirements of our body. Without water, it is impossible to survive.

Added advantage of having sufficient amount of water is it provides you with better skin and better digestive system.

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The Fiber is that part of the diet which provides you with a lot of water and also helps you to boost your digestive system.

Various means to have fiber are – salad, lattice,  fruit salads etc. This part of a balanced diet is often neglected and one must try and incorporate it in their diets because log term benefits are huge.


Now that we know what is a balanced diet, why is it important and what all does it include, we must slip in small changes in our daily diet routine and slowly and gradually make it a balanced diet.

These small changes which may seem futile in the beginning will definitely yield supreme results. So, kick up your shoes and get ready to jump into a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet.

Trust me once you reach there you will never want to come back.



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