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Grab a bite of a healthy diet


Grab a Bite of a Healthy Diet!

Whenever a topic of health is being discussed, people usually correlate it with nature. Whether it is our personal nutritionist or our grandparents who is advising us to opt for the healthy life, we are always asked to be close to nature.

While in current scenario when everything that we consume, even our ‘green-healthy’ vegetables are either adulterated or pesticide infected, it gets very challenging to differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy stuff anymore. Having said that, even the little steps that we take towards our well-being helps a lot in shaping our life in a long run.

So, the good news is while we still largely do not have a control over the quality of food we get in the market, there are still many things that still counted as healthy food habits everywhere.


Let’s have a look at some of the foods and drinks that we can include in our daily so as to follow a healthy diet.


1. Green Tea

Admit it, mornings are the best and important part of the day. The kind of mental state that we adopt with the sun up largely affects our whole day. So why not kick start the day with something that is refreshing as well as soothing.

Green Tea comes with immense properties; it serves as best anti-oxidant helps in increasing the metabolism and also helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It also helps in reducing the high blood pressure risk.

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2. Eggs

Eggs are considered among the best foods as it contains all the essential nutrients that we need for a healthy body. It contains healthy fats that help a great deal in building muscles. Eggs carry good cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) that has lower heart risk. It is an excellent source of protein that helps in body building.

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3. Oats

Oats can also be called heart’s best friend as it is considered to be one of the most beneficial diets in lowering the cholesterol level. A bowl of oats in the morning can help a great deal in getting through the day with ease. While skipping the meal is definitely not a good advice but breakfast of oats will keep you fill when you had to skip your lunch due to that emergency meeting. Being a rich source of fiber and nutrients, oats are also known as wholegrain breakfast.


4. Sweet Potatoes

Your work assignment can at times take a toll on you or pressure of meeting a deadline can also be draining. It is at such times, carbohydrates-rich food comes a rescue. Since it is still the middle of day one has to comparatively worry less about the extra calories that you will be storing in your body. As it is a rich source of fiber along with vitamins and carbohydrates, sweet potatoes can be a quick meal that you can have before getting back to work.

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5. Almonds

Before you are planning to have just a tiny slice of ‘happiness’ pizza that you think means you no harm which is actually not the case (You know it), you can always opt for the healthy alternative of almonds. As they are the healthy source of proteins, it releases ample amount of energy that will you to get on with you hectic schedule.

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6. Brown bread sandwich

If you are looking for something more heavily, you can also go for vegetable brown bread sandwich with cheese. While brown bread is known for its quality of fiber, green vegetables will provide you essential proteins and nutrients, needed for a wholesome diet.


Diet for the night owls

While we were meant to be kick starting daily work with the sunrise and gradually slowing down with the sunset, rapid industrialization has forced us to work at a time when most of the people are virtually in another world. Late night shifts contribute to various negative patterns like insomnia, weight gain, and fatigue. So, how can we still continue with a healthy diet when we know we will be dragging the shift feeling drowsy and will nod for everything that we get to eat?


1. Avoid caffeine

Before I suggest you some useful diets to eat during night shifts, let’s talk about some DON’T’S. While most of us who spend long hours in front of the computer screens are addicted to caffeine, we all are taking slow as the caffeine not only increased the cholesterol levels but also give a stimulating effect which wakes up at a time when our body should have been sleeping.


2. Carry snacks

We often make an excuse to ourselves that it is difficult to get find something healthy to eat as most of the shops are closed during nights and we happily grab anything that we get from the office canteens. So why not try to excuse yourself from that excuse and carry some healthy from home which will not only give you a healthy snack but also save you from the piling canteen bill.


3. Organic food

While there has been a growing awareness about the importance of organic food and ill-effects of pesticides infected food, we still on large extent consume non-organic food in our daily life. Well, it is difficult to leave non-organic on one go but it is always advisable to gradually go for organic produce since it will save you from various kinds of diseases in a long run.


Now a BONUS!

While a healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of leading a healthy life, ample sleep and routine exercise are equally important. While proper sleep will not refresh you but also prove quite beneficial for various body system especially the digestive system.

Likewise, daily exercise will save you from many appointments to doctors. Exercise increase confidence boosts memory, decreases the risk of heart diseases, increases metabolism which will help you in losing weight.

We all have been studying it from schools days that ‘EATING RIGHT, SLEEPING TIGHT and DAILY EXERCISE’ can protect you from various problems and also increase person’s longevity, so why not adopt it this basic healthy habits in our daily life.



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