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The Perks Of Going For An Early Morning Walk


The Perks of Going For an Early Morning Walk!

Every day our lives feel boring, dull, tiring and very monotonous. Over a period, we all have become couch potatoes! Following the same schedules, every day makes us feel very indolent. Procrastinating has become such an important part of our lives that most of our targets remain unachieved.

To break this everyday monotony, morning walks are a great habitude. Morning walks not only improve our physical health but also help our psychological health.

Morning walk is the key to a healthy life. It calms our nerves, relaxes our mind, body, and soul. The fresh oxygen early morning regulates our breathing and improves our respiratory system. An early morning walk is equivalent to 2-hour workout at the gym!

Obviously to some, this count in as a leisure activity but it also burns some calories and we can maintain a healthy weight. The fresh oxygen early in the morning increases the fat burning process. Morning walks are the most effective way of losing weight. That obviously is a bonus point, isn’t it?

Early morning walks help in keeping our heart fit. It reduces the risk of stroke in half. For women, the risk of heart diseases is reduced by 30- 40%. It reduces the cholesterol in our body and balances the rate of blood pressure and hence it improves the condition of our heart.

If a person is suffering from a disease like diabetes, then morning walks help in lowering down the body glucose levels. Also, it improves the rate at which our body uses the insulin.

And what most of us are unaware of is the fact that simple 30 minutes of morning walk can help women fight breast cancer. The estrogen metabolite ratio in your body is altered when you walk and it prevents breast cancer.

As walking improves the blood circulation in our body, it gives a very natural glow to our skin. It prevents acne, pimples, fine lines and signs of aging.

And let’s not forget to add that not just we get a glowing skin, we get lustrous hair too. It prevents hair fall and strengthens the hair. Who needs expensive cosmetics if a few minutes of walking provides all of it. Prudent, right?

Had a rough day at work? Or are your mates giving you too much pressure in college? Is your workload too much to handle? A brisk morning walk can take all this stress away from you and help you feel calm and not lose your nerve at little things.

Morning walk increases the concentration of norepinephrine which helps to combat stress. The sweat from walking releases a hormone called endorphins which create a feeling of happiness and euphoria. And therefore, this measure is usually suggested to people who are clinically depressed.

The walks help in reducing the anxiety and depressed thoughts from our brain and replace them with relatively happy thoughts.

The movement of legs in the morning releases good cholesterol opening the various ‘chakras’ releasing positive energy in the body.

There is a very simple pleasure that we extract out of every day walking. That is peace with your own thoughts. While we walk, our mind usually tends to think about things that have gone wrong and are bothering you. And it is the positive aura that is created while walking that we usually tend to figure out the best possible solution for our most grave problems.

Though we don’t realize it, over a period, we start feeling very light headed and it boosts up our self-confidence. We tend to feel at an ease with our body and the environment in which we sustain. We often do not realize this but with time we grow more creative. As the stress and anxiety

As the stress and anxiety are released, the capacity of the brain to retain more details is increased and thus the memory becomes sharper.

The early morning environment is so peaceful and appealing that we often find our lost inspirations in those calm scenic beauties.

The early morning chirping of birds provides the best kind of motivation to our otherwise faded day.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that morning walk provide the right kind of vibes to our day which helps us to go on and feel good about ourselves. And who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves?



Sally is a Part of Editorial Team at Remain Healthy. She is Studying Diet & Nutrition at a College. When not writing or studying, she loves to cook healthy food.


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