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symptoms of diabetes in men


Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

Diabetes mellitus (DM), usually referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic ailments in which there are high blood sugar levels over a long period of time. Common symptoms of Diabetes in Men and Women involve frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger. The chances of future complications are high if diabetes is not identified and treated in its initial stages. There are some very specific symptoms of diabetes in Men which we will discuss later in this article.

Diabetes is not a disease in itself! It is a medical condition where Body is unable to produce much insulin to regulate the Blood sugar and hence sugar in Blood gets elevated from Normal range causing various other diseases.

There are 3 types of diabetes:

1. Type1 Diabetes: Results from the pancreas’ inability to create enough insulin. It was previously referred to as “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” (IDDM) or “juvenile diabetes”

2. Type 2 Diabetes: Starts with insulin resistance, a condition in which cells are unable to react to insulin properly. As the ailment advances, an absence of insulin may likewise develop. It was previously referred to as “non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus” (NIDDM) or “Adult-onset diabetes “. The essential driver is extra body weight and insufficient exercise.

3. Gestational diabetes is the third main form and happens when pregnant ladies without a past history of diabetes grow high blood sugar levels

This list primarily deals with symptoms faced by men, when they suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Common symptoms of Diabetes in Men & Women:

1. Vision becomes blurry and extremely unclear

2. Decrease in mental sharpness

3. Excess fatigue

4. Extreme hunger and thirst

5. Wounds take time to heal

6. Frequent urge to urinate

7. Drastic weight loss despite the increase in appetite

8. Confusion slurred speech and unconsciousness

9. Fast breathing and fast heartbeat

10. Loss of coordination and shaking

11. Genital Itching and infections

12. Frequent irritation of the urinary tract

13. Anxiety and nausea

14. Dried mouth

15. Fruity breath

16. Abdomen Pain

17. Numbness and tingling in limbs

Symptoms of Diabetes in men (Specifically):

1. Recurrent genital thrush

It is a yeast infection caused when the blood sugar level is high, causing sugar to be removed via the urine. Learn 21 ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood sugar levels!

Symptoms include:

  • Swelling, redness and itching on or around the head of the penis
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Soreness during sex
  • A white curd-like appearance on the skin

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile difficulties can be caused by high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time causing difficulties either with blood supplies to the penis or due to damage to nerves in the penis. Erectile Dysfunction is one of the adverse symptom of diabetes in men. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to either attain or maintain an erection sufficiently, to satisfy sexual activity. Beetroot can help you boost your libido!

3. Retrograde Ejaculation

It is the entry of semen into the bladder instead of going out through the urethra during ejaculation.

Diabetes Management:

1. Since diabetes affects brain strength and induces weakness, it is important to take insulin as needed and advised by your physician.

2. Eat clean and healthy food.

3. Exercise regularly. Discover 101 Health Benefits of Exercise!

4. Care for your skin. Keep it moisturized and take proper care of cuts, blisters, and wounds.

5. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

6. Visit ophthalmologists and dentists for regular check-ups of your eyes and mouth respectively.

Cure For Diabetes:

Although there is no cure for diabetes, it is still possible to control blood sugar levels and keep your diabetes under check.

  • Keep taking insulin as recommended by your doctor and never miss the dosage.
  • Try to lead a lifestyle as healthy as possible. Exercise regularly as it manages blood sugar levels and also burns calories.
  • Do not blindly trust supplements that claim to lower blood sugar level. Consult your doctor before taking any new medication.
  • Minimize all artificial sugar from your diet. Dispose of all sodas, chocolates, candies, and cookies that can potentially spike up your blood sugar.
  • Eat healthy food regularly and do not change your eating habits frequently.
  • Avoid eating fried food and stick to boiled, baked, or lightly sautéed food.
  • Add a fresh salad to your diet as it provides ample fiber.
  • Try to reduce your intake of oil. Stick to only3-4 tablespoon per person
  • Drink loads of water, approximately 8-10 glasses every day to flush out harmful toxins from your body
  • Avoid adding too many spices to your dishes. They increase the level of salt in your body. That said, Keep away from salted chips, cashew nuts, and peanuts.
  • Quit unhealthy practices like smoking and alcohol consumption. Not only do they worsen your diabetes, they can potentially destroy your body in the long run making you and your essential organs weak and prone to illness
  • Include whole grains in your diet like brown rice, wheat, Bajra, Millets, oats, barley. They contain essential minerals and are loaded with fiber.
  • Switch to non-fat milk and yogurt
  • Constantly keep a close eye on bruises, cuts, and blisters. Attend to them immediately
  • Clean and moisturize your body, especially your feet as much as possible.
  • Get a good sleep of at least 8 hours every day. Do not compromise with your sleep as it causes unnecessary pressure and stress
  • Refined Flour is a complete NO! Throw that out as soon as possible

It looks like a lot in the beginning, and monitoring your diet and lifestyle can actually turn out to be painfully boring and monotonous. There would be times when you would just want to have guilty indulgences in your favorite chocolate ice cream or a yummy fried snack. But remember, they bring you only harm. Diabetes can only be controlled, not cured (Till some prodigy finds a cure). Try to keep your diabetes under check.

You control your diabetes and do not let it control you. The healthier you are, the more you would have to give to the society, your friends, and loved ones, and you add more meaningful years to your life.

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John Lincoln is Head of Editorial Staff at Remain Healthy. He is a Fitness Enthusiast, a Blogger by Passion and a Foodie. When not writing, he loves to Explore places and eat healthy food around the town.

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